Professional Training in Holistic Animal Therapies
The anatomy of the skull and classifications are presented and their relationship to health issues and limitations. Variations between and amongst breeds and disciplines are identified and discussed. Implications for the animal massage therapist and specific difficulties are indicated.

Cranial nerves and their functions are presented, indications of cranial nerve disfunction are identified and discussed. Students are taught to document their observations to allow formal diagnosis by a veterinary professional.

Cranio Sacral movements and techniques are presented and observed on the canine client. Methods to resolve imbalances in cranial motions and tension in sutures are explained, demonstrated and practised.
Module 4
- The Skull, Cranial Nerves and Cranio Sacral Techniques
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Module 4 is offered:
Spring 2016 Series (Condensed): 11-12 June 2016
Autumn 2016 Series: 10-12 March 2017
Autumn 2017 Series: 16-18 March 2018