Professional Training in Holistic Animal Therapies
During this module we offer basic principles in developing a massage plan and charting the session. Several examples are provided to allow the student to develop a system that works for them.

Massage plans and charting help massage therapists understand the effectiveness of their work and recognise patterns. They also help build confidence in therapists in training as they are able to see where they are effective and where there is need for improvement.

Basic neurology and the anatomy and muscles of the spine are also presented and their relationship is explored. Muscular issues and their resultant functional implications are also discussed and relevant massage and stretching techniques are presented.
Module 3
- Massage Plans & Charting, Basic Neurology and The Spine
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Module 3 is offered:
Spring 2016 Series (Condensed): 14-15 May 2016
Autumn 2016 Series: 13-15 January 2017
Autumn 2017 Series: 26-28 January 2018