Professional Training in Holistic Animal Therapies
Woofs & Hoofs School of Animal Massage
Professional Training in Animal Massage
Our intensive hands-on programme is designed to teach you what you need to know to open your own Animal Massage practice.
Workshops in Holistic Animal Therapies
Explore our range of 1 and 2-day workshops to learn a new skill or complement your current range of animal therapy offerings
Upcoming Workshops & Modules
Both pet owners and professionals alike can benefit from learning techniques that help animals to be healthy, happy and comfortable.

From short 1 and 2-day workshops in general relaxation massage, acupressure and intuitive communication with animals, to a longer programmes which focus not only on basic relaxation, but also techniques to help recovering animals heal faster and gain more mobility - at WHSAM, we teach you skills that improve animals' lives!

Our dedicated staff of animal lovers just like you want to give every animal they meet the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. We teach owners how to strengthen their bond with their pet, increase its quality of life and keep their furry and feathered friends happy using natural, holistic techniques anyone can master. Our professional students learn how they can offer clients extra services that can make all the difference in the animals' lives and their own.
For owners and professionals
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